Twin Block Appliance

The twin block appliance is made up of upper and lower acrylic "plates" that work together to correct the bite. One fits the upper jaw and the other fits the lower jaw, and together, they bring the lower jaw forward.

The appliances you are now wearing are delicate and must be handled with care when out of the mouth. It took a great deal of time and careful work to construct them. PLEASE take care! Breakage will necessitate added expense.

Your appliances must be worn at all times except when cleaning them. You must, therefore, eat and sleep with the appliances in your mouth and keep them in throughout the day. They should be left out ONLY while engaging in contact sports, swimming in lakes and brushing your teeth.

Eating and speaking may be mildly different the first few days. You are advised to eat soft foods such as yogurt, eggs, cereals and soups. However, within a few days normal foods can be eaten and with a little practice, all words pronounced. You should avoid sticky or very hard foods which could loosen or damage your appliances.

When you brush your teeth after every meal, brush your appliances with your toothbrush and toothpaste. Do NOT use extremely hot water when cleaning. You may soak them in retainer or denture cleaning tablets if desired. Replace your appliances immediately after rinsing.

It is common for some teeth to be sore during the first few days. This tenderness should disappear after the initial adjustment period. However, should it continue beyond three to five days - or should irritation of the gums, cheeks, lips or tongue persist, or should a wire be accidentally bent - do not attempt to adjust it yourself. Instead, call for an appointment.

Without cooperation, there can be little, if any, improvement. With good cooperation, one can achieve the maximum results in the minimum amount of time.