Spring Retainer

Spring Retainer

The spring retainer is an appliance that can be used on both arches. It is great for minor rotation and correction of anterior alignment. Spring retainers are used most often in cases involving minor tooth shifting due to loss of retainers or lack of retainer wear following the completion of orthodontic treatment.

Your spring retainer won't work if you only wear it at night. That is because in order to move teeth there needs to be continuous pressure on them; otherwise they will move the right way while you wear your spring retainer and the wrong way when you have it out. Your spring retainer needs to be worn as close to 24 hours a day as possible. It is ok to remove it while you eat, while you brush your teeth and while you play sports. The rest of the time it must be fully seated in your mouth.

When you need to take your spring retainer out of your mouth, you must keep it in the case that we gave you. Many appliances have been accidentally thrown away, stepped on or chewed up by the dog because they were left sitting out. NEVER wrap your spring retainer in a napkin while you eat. Always have your case with you. If you don't have your case available, don't take out your spring retainer. Leave it in your mouth while you eat and rinse it off afterwards.

Caring for Your Spring Retainer

  • Take good care of your appliance. It is expensive to replace it if it is lost or broken.
  • Keep your appliance in its case when it is not in your mouth.
  • Never place your appliance in a napkin or on a lunch tray where it may be accidentally thrown out.
  • Keep your appliance out of reach of cats and dogs. They like to chew on it.
  • Do not wear your appliance while brushing your teeth, eating, swimming in lakes or participating in rough contact sports.
  • Clean your appliance with your toothbrush daily. Do not use extremely hot water when cleaning. You may soak it in retainer or denture cleaning tablets if desired.
  • If a sore spot develops, contact the office as soon as you can. Continue to wear the appliance as much as possible until it is adjusted.