Part of Braces

  • Archwires Thin wires that form a track to guide the teeth.

  • Brackets Small square attachments that are bonded to each tooth and are connected to the archwire. They can be silver or porcelain.

  • Bands Metal rings that go around the molars and act as an anchor for the archwire. (Only used with "traditional" braces)

  • Colored Elastic Ties Small colored ties that fasten the archwire to the brackets. (Only used with "traditional" braces)

  • Ligature Ties Fine wires that fasten the archwires to the brackets.

  • Colored Elastic Chains Small colored ties connected to each other to form a chain and are used to close spaces between teeth.

  • Elastic Hooks Small attachments on selected brackets which allow for the use of rubber bands when needed during treatment.