You have been given a headgear. It is a very important part of your orthodontic treatment. The more you wear it, the faster we can correct your overbite. If you choose not to wear it as instructed, it won't work and your teeth won't move properly! We know you want to have better looking teeth. Wearing your headgear is something you can do to help things along.

Your headgear will make your teeth sore for about 4-7 days after you start wearing it. As long as you keep wearing it every night, the soreness will disappear. Don't worry if it doesn't make your teeth sore - it is still working. Be very careful when placing and removing your headgear. Always release the pressure on the sides before placing and removing it. Bring the arms downward and away from your face and never upward toward your eyes!

When headgear is prescribed:

When wearing headgear, expect:

At each appointment in our office:

If you think you have a problem with your headgear, call our office right away. We will schedule an appointment and make any adjustments that are needed.