Bite Plate

A bite plate is a removable appliance similar to a retainer that is used to correct a deep bite or to help correct a crossbite .

You have received a bite plate to help straighten your teeth. Your bite plate is an active orthodontic appliance and needs to be worn continuously. Your bite plate won't work if you only wear it at night. That's because continuous pressure must be maintained in order to move teeth; otherwise they will move the right way while you wear your bite plate and the wrong way when you have it out. Your bite plate should be worn as close to 24 hours a day as is possible, including while eating. It should only be removed while you brush your teeth and when playing contact sports that require a mouthguard. The rest of the time, it must be fully seated in your mouth.

When you need to take your bite plate out of your mouth, you must keep it in the case we supplied. Many appliances have been accidentally thrown away, stepped on or chewed by a dog because they were left sitting out. NEVER wrap your bite plate in a napkin, as it could be accidentally thrown away or broken.

DO NOT clean you bite plate in hot water, DO NOT boil or microwave it and DO NOT leave it sitting in the sun, even if it is in its case. Excessive heat will warp the plastic and ruin it.

To clean your bite plate, scrub it with a toothbrush and toothpaste, making sure to clean both sides of the plastic. You may soak it in retainer or denture cleaning solutions if desired.

DO NOT chew gum while your bite plate is in your mouth.

When you start wearing your bite plate, your teeth and gums may get sore or tender. This is normal and expected. Soreness of the teeth should go away within one week - if you wear your bite plate faithfully. If you take it out every time your teeth get tender, you will never get used to it. If you have a persistent area of tenderness on your gums, please call for an adjustment appointment. If anything happens to your bite plate - it gets lost, broken, distorted, warped or anything else, let us know as soon as possible.